Which Baby Photoshoots Are Important During Your Baby’s First Year

They say when a child is born, a parent is born, and this couldn’t be truer! Everything is new, and the journey you are walking on is together. There’s something so beautiful about that first year. If there’s one thing that people will tell you over and over, it’s that that the first year goes by so fast! The first smile, the first step, the first birthday – these are moments that pass in the blink of an eye. It’s really unfair how fast it goes by. The good news is, that by documenting each of your baby’s biggest milestones, you’ll have a way to revisit this wonderful time. That’s why it’s essential to capture these precious memories so you can cherish them forever. 

Below, I’ll share the top five must-have baby photoshoots during your baby’s first year. 

Wish there was an easier way to stay on top of these milestones? That’s where the Lifetime Plan comes in. I’ll share more about that, too!


5 Must-have Baby Photoshoots During Your Baby’s First Year


1. Maternity Photos

The journey of parenthood begins during the pregnancy with a maternity session. This photoshoot captures the radiant glow of an expectant mother, the love between partners and older children, and the anticipation of your baby’s arrival. Maternity photos mark the beginning of your family’s story and are the first step in documenting your baby’s life.

Beautiful expecting mama and her son.

Studio maternity portrait

2. Newborn Photos

After your baby’s arrival, it’s time for the newborn session. This photoshoot captures those sweet, tender moments when your baby is just 1-2 weeks old, including all of those little details that will change so quickly. Newborn portraits freeze time and preserve the tiny features, delicate expressions, and the immense love that fills your home. These photos are the foundation of your baby’s story and are an important piece of the Lifetime Plan.

Newborn photography session

Studio newborn session

  1. Three Month Photos 

Newborn photos are taken within two weeks of birth (most often) and up to six weeks old; however, sometimes clients need to wait to take their baby’s photos for a number of reasons. If you miss the newborn window, there is another option that’s just as adorable! The three month baby sessions are perfect for documenting their precious babyhood with images of tummy time, back shots, and the beginnings of expressions while still in that newer baby stage. 

3 month old baby portraits

Black and white 3 month baby photo

4. Six Month Sitter Photos

Your sweet newborn is now an adorably chubby and expressive baby! The baby phase goes by way too fast, and this session allows us to hit the pause button and document each kissable cheek, wrist roll, and smile. We’ll meet baby right where they’re at developmentally, but many clients like to wait until baby is sitting up independently between six and seven months. Parents help me get some of the best expressions that will create treasured images. You’ll look back on these and instantly be transported to baby snuggles and coos. 

6 month baby boy sitting proudly in the studio

Fall 6 month studio session

5. The 1st Birthday Cake Smash Photos 

The grand finale of the Lifetime Plan is the 1st birthday cake smash session. Your baby’s first year has been a whirlwind of growth and changes, and their first birthday is a celebration of that special journey together. The cake smash session allows your little one, who is more independent and curious, to dive into a delicious cake, creating adorable and messy photos that symbolize their transition from baby to toddler. We love customizing our Newington families cake smash sessions to be exactly what they want. You can choose from a list of themes and options, or tell me your dreams!


First birthday cake smash session

Birthday boy enjoying his cake smash session

Blue balloon cake smash session includes tub time

First birthday session

Birthday girl holding a balloon during her first birthday portrait session


Let’s explore how the Lifetime Plan can help you preserve these special moments!


The Lifetime Plan Explained

The Lifetime Plan is designed to document your baby’s journey through their first year, which is filled with significant milestones and growth. This plan includes three sessions within up to 18 months. The best part? Because you’re essentially booking once for three sessions, you only pay ONE session fee at a reduced rate, plus you’ll receive a product credit with each session towards you photo order. This investment allows you to secure your spots in my calendar for all three sessions, ensuring that no milestone goes undocumented.


Professional Baby Photographer In Newington, CT

The Lifetime Plan is more than just a photography package. This is a way to document your family’s growth and the first-year milestones of your precious baby. Investing in these sessions allows you to look back on the journey, celebrating the love, growth, and joy your baby has brought into your life. 

Don’t let these important moments slip away – Ready to start your journey? Contact me today to ensure you document every smile, every step, and every memory during your baby’s first year. Do you know someone who is expecting a baby? These sessions make for PRICELESS gifts

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