Husband embraces his wife and kisses her temple while holding her belly during their studio maternity portraits

Capturing Your Pregnancy & Its Life-Changing Journey!

Husband embraces his wife and kisses her temple while holding her belly during their studio maternity portraits

Capturing Your Pregnancy & Its Life-Changing Journey!

CT Maternity Photographer

Pregnancy is a special time, you deserve a special keepsake of maternity photography.

Your family is growing! What a better way to document the continuation of your story than highlighting it with a focus on pregnancy photography. As a storyteller, I believe it's important to capture not only the glowing Mom in all of her pregnancy beauty but each spouse or partner who is also joining them on this life-changing journey. Many clients are also looking for family maternity photos with their older children as well, and we welcome that!

But the story of this special event doesn't end with maternity photos - soon after we look at your beautiful results, your newborn baby will be born! Their little baby fingers, toes, and features will change quickly, and we highly recommend booking not only your maternity photos but your newborn due date in order to reserve time in our calendar. You'll enjoy heirloom quality photographs of both major life events, and we have plenty of suggestions of how to cherish them!

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Artistic Studio Maternity Photography


You might be wondering, what type of maternity photography should I choose? Some clients already know what they'd like to do and others ask me for a specific type that they've seen on my website or social media. But the good news is, there is NO wrong answer! You can choose between maternity portraits in the studio, outdoors, or a lifestyle maternity session at home!

Studio maternity photos are my specialty. I love being able to use light in many different ways to manipulate how a photo looks or feels. We can often times choose between a few different backgrounds and lighting styles. Some clients also love that they can have both a casual look with jeans and an open shirt or tank top, and a dressier flowing gown with beautiful accessories. Don't forget to schedule your Hair & Makeup before heading to the studio with KiSSandMaKeUp, which is located close by!

We'll work together to decide on what you would like to wear (usually 2 outfits is common), *for a limited time, I will include ONE maternity gown as we grow our client closet*, and also what backgrounds that we'd like to photography against. We have beautiful painted fabric backdrops as well as paper backgrounds in a variety of colors to highlight a fancier outfit. We will focus on portraits of just Mom alone as well as some with your spouse/partner if desired. Have older children that want to join in? We welcome them to take photos too! The best part is, we don't need to worry about weather affecting our photoshoot!

Outdoor Maternity Portraits

It's time to plan for your maternity photos, and you're thinking about how lovely it would be to do them outdoors? This can be a great option for clients for many reasons. Some are pregnant during an ideal weather time of year and it just feels wonderful to have your photos taken outside. Others might have a beautiful gown or outfit that they'd like to wear with just the right pop of color against the foliage of the season. Still others might have a larger family with older siblings that might be more comfortable outside.

There are many different locations we can choose from or you might have an idea of a place that is meaningful to you and your family. Although much of the focus will be on Mom, spouses/partners and older siblings are more than welcome to attend and participate. We encourage our clients to enjoy this time together and we'll make sure the older kids feel just as special as the new baby!

Whether you feel like heading to the beach, a park, the river, or a trail, we'll make sure that you are comfortable every step of the way! We do advise keeping in mind flexibility with scheduling when it comes to weather and locations that might have uneven footing. The beauty of outdoor maternity photography can be magical and a wonderful way to have a memory that will last forever!

Smiling family of 5 sitting on driftwood looking at the camera during their beach maternity photos
Beautiful maternity photography of a husband and wife walking during their photoshoot in the park

Lifestyle Maternity Photography at Home

With so many elegant ways to photograph your pregnancy, could there really be a third option? Yes! Lifestyle maternity photography in your home allows us to come to you, and use your living areas in a more casual setting, to photograph your maternity portraits. This has been a great way for me to get to know my clients as they prepare for their baby's arrival.

Often we will use your nursery, master bedroom, and living areas or any other unique, well-lit parts of your home. Most clients opt to wear something very casual, or, something with a pop of their favorite color! We'll work together to plan the best wardrobe options for you and make suggestions about tidying up your living areas in advance. For those who don't want to come to the studio, or be photographed outdoors, this is another great photoshoot style to consider, and you don't need to go very far!

Ready to Plan Your Maternity Photography Experience?

Maternity Photography FAQs

What is a maternity or pregnancy photoshoot?

Maternity photography is specifically capturing the time during pregnancy for an expectant parent. This may include photographs of their belly, posing as a couple or family, or the preparation details related to the home.

When is the best time to schedule my maternity photos?

This can vary slightly depending on if it's your first baby, but generally we recommend scheduling for between weeks 28-34 of your pregnancy. This is to ensure you are showing that adorable "bump", feeling generally well without health concerns, and before baby's arrival! Contacting us in your 2nd trimester for scheduling this is recommended, along with your newborn due date as well.

What should I wear for my maternity photos?

Anything that you'd like and are comfortable in! I love to assist my clients with styling what is best for them. This could be a gorgeous maternity dress (*I will help clients with ONE outfit for their photoshoot when also booking their newborn photos), a simple maxi dress, jeans and a tank top, or even as simple as a sheer wrap covering different parts of your body or fully/partially nude for silhouettes and artistic styles (in studio). There are many possibilities!

Can my family be included in the photographs?

Absolutely! We love telling a story about your pregnancy as well as your spouse/partner and any older children as well. It's a great time to get photos of them individually and sweet photos interacting with you and baby in your belly.

How much does a maternity photoshoot cost?

Our Session Fees are $200 for maternity photography to book your appointment. This covers our pre-session consultation, the session itself, use of my props, outfits, and backgrounds, and your personal Design & Ordering appointment to go over your images together. All photos and products are purchased separately. See our Pricing page for more information.

Black woman smiles at the camera holding her belly in an open white shirt during her maternity photography session
Pregnant Mom in red dress posing for her maternity photography session
Jasmine S.
Jasmine S.

I will never get my pics done by someone else. Only Kristin! She is so amazing, super kind hearted, and has excellent patience. She made me feel extra comfortable and assured me that my family and I was doing great. She took my maternity shoot which included my family and they all came out absolutely beautiful. Another life long customer!

Nikki C.
Nikki C.

I was looking for a photographer in Newington for a maternity shoot and I am so happy I found Kristin. She is absolutely amazing at what she does and the quality of the photos and work that she puts into it shows how talented she is. She is very passionate at was she does and that shines through her photos that she takes.

Emily M.
Emily M.

We decided to have photos done with Kristin after seeing her portfolio and her Google reviews, and her five stars are well-deserved! Her lifetime plan (three sessions in one year) works so well for maternity, newborn, and first birthday; we've had our maternity and newborn shots done and they both turned out gorgeously.

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