Connecticut Newborn Photographer - The Flash Lady Photography

Having a newborn baby is a life experience unlike anything else! Newborns go through many changes early and it is so memorable to photograph them during this brief stage. Let me use my many years of experience to help you safely and timelessly capture their precious features in the comfort of my studio. I have received hands-on training in newborn photography through annual workshops and have worked with some of the best mentors in the world. All props, outfits, and backdrops are provided via my custom collection and sanitized after every session. I am also up to date on all vaccines, receive a flu shot annually, and carry business liability insurance. There are some other FAQs listed at the bottom of this page. Choose a photographer whose work you love, and who will give you an heirloom of your child to treasure forever!


When is the best time to have newborn photos taken?

Newborns change quickly and become more alert every day! Typically, most newborns are best photographed in a posed setting (as I do) around 10-14 days after they are born or up to three weeks old. Make sure to contact us in your second trimester, if possible, to reserve time around your due date as my schedule may be full by booking after your baby is born.

Is it safe to have my baby posed that way?

Professional newborn photographers spend a great deal of time learning about posing newborns and photographing them in a way that is safe. I continue to take workshops on a regular basis to ensure the best ways to do so. At any time, if the baby is just not into the pose, we can always try something else. Some newborns just like a different position!

Can our newborn photography be done at our home?

I specialize in posed newborn photography, which uses a lot of previously set up props, posing areas, and other items for the session in a climate controlled space. This type of newborn photography I only provide at my studio. However, should you prefer the child to be photographed at home, you can contact me about a lifestyle newborn session, which focuses more on candid photos of the family and new baby without posing or props. This type can be done at your home at any time even after that 2 week period.

Can we take family or sibling photos?

Of course! My Heirloom newborn session can accommodate any family dynamic desired with the extra time to do so. We will plan to take sibling and/or family photos at a specific part of the session and ask that you arrange for someone else to bring them/take them home so they are not waiting long before or after that segment.

When do we see the images?

Your Design & Ordering appointment (where you view your photos and decide what you’d like to purchase) is scheduled after your session takes place, usually 1-2 weeks later depending on current session volume. This personalized ordering experience allows me to assist you in deciding on the best products for you – Display, Printing, Sharing, etc. After your order is submitted, images go through final retouching and sent to my professional labs for printings. Products typically arrive in about 2-3 weeks and are picked up here at the studio after my own careful inspection for quality.