CT newborn photographer

They Are Only This Little For A Short Time!

CT newborn photographer

They Are Only This Little For A Short Time!

CT Newborn Photographer

"Sometimes the smallest things, take up the most room in your heart." ~ A. A. Milne

Having a newborn baby is a life experience unlike anything else! Over the course of the next 9 months, you'll be planning every little detail of their arrival - their nursery, your baby shower, what brand of diapers to use (or to cloth diaper). Choosing a professional newborn photographer to take care of documenting this time can seem like another hurdle to climb. The Flash Lady Photography has the experience, hands-on training, and credentials to take care of everything about your newborn photoshoot, and the results will be beautiful!


We are designated a Master Newborn Photographer by the NAPCP. Extensive mastery in not only our work, but knowledge in newborn safety, is required for the genre before being reviewed by a panel of experts. You may have also seen us featured on Good Morning America, WTNH, and UConn! Rest assured, you and your family will be well taken care of throughout our time together.


Indian Dad kisses the Mom holding their newborn baby boy during their photoshoot
Sleeping newborn baby girl lying over a pink blanket in a white bucket surrounded with pink roses during her newborn photoshoot

Beautiful Newborn Family Photos

Hispanic Mom holding her baby girl wrapped in while kissing her on the head white they sit on a white bed during their newborn photoshoot
Indian newborn baby boy sleeping on a blue blanket and brown platform while his big brother smiles at the camera during their newborn photos with older brother by The Flash Lady
Baby girl in a white dress posing for her newborn photography session

The Newborn Photography Experience

Unsure where to start? Don't worry - here at The Flash Lady Photography, we take care of everything that you'll need to create beautiful newborn photographs. All of the snuggly wraps, adorable outfits, petite headbands, warm hats, fluffy blankets, and quality backdrops are all made by hand by vendors all over the world just for newborn photography.

Before you arrive, we'll have set the temperature just right for the studio, and again in the workspace we'll be in, to ensure baby is comfortable and at a safe temperature they can regulate, monitored throughout. We'll talk before you arrive about desired colors, newborn props, or speciality items you'd like to incorporate.

We'll work through a variety of poses on a special newborn table before moving on to props, wraps, and finally together with parents and/or siblings. All sessions are baby-led and may incorporate different options depending on baby's needs and alertness. We encourage parents to relax while they are here, but are happy to answer questions or have you participate during the photoshoot. We want you to always know what is happening with your baby.

I have a 10-year-old daughter myself and have worked through all of these stages personally! I will do my best to answer questions, suggest local providers who can be helpful during this time, and ensure that we are not only creating beautiful newborn portraits, but heirlooms that you will always treasure.

All posed newborn photography sessions are at my Newington, CT studio.

Ready to Start Your Newborn Photo Journey?

Lifestyle Newborn Photography

What if you're wanting newborn photos with your family, but aren't ready to leave home quite yet? Or maybe you have older children and you're hoping for something simpler, relaxed, and natural? A Lifestyle Newborn photoshoot may be the right option for you.

Lifestyle newborn photography involves me traveling to your home and using your living areas to take every-day pictures of your family learning about the new baby, enjoying each other, and is a great option for older siblings (toddlers) that might be more comfortable at home. Typically we will use a nursery, living room, master bedroom, or perhaps a sun-lit porch or sitting room. Any areas that are open and have great natural light are best, although I will bring some fill light as well.

Sessions at home will involve some posed, traditional family portraits, but generally we will be taking candid, natural, in-the-moment photos of you and the baby, and the baby by themselves. *Note: these sessions will NOT involve traditional newborn posing of the baby, props, or setups that you will see in my studio. But this can be another option we can discuss while planning!

Lifestyle newborn photography of baby B in her home in West Hartford, CT
Baby B looking at the camera lying on her back during a lifestyle newborn photoshoot

Newborn Photography FAQs

When should I schedule our newborn photography session?

It is best to contact us in your 2nd trimester to schedule your due date and prioritize time around it, especially if you are also hoping for maternity photos as well. We then have you come in around 8-14 days after baby is born when they are still very sleepy and flexible.

What if my baby is more than 2 weeks old?

We will always have a way to photograph them! Each week that passes, newborns become more alert, have lighter sleep cycles, and their limbs become much stiffer and lose what we call their "womb memory". I have photographed newborns up to 7 weeks old. We can also consider their 3 Month infant stage, or another milestone as well! But the closer we can to that 1-2 week point, the better!

How long is a newborn photoshoot?

Depending on baby, you can expect them to last around 3 hours. It gives us plenty of time to account for feeding, changing, soothing, and parent/sibling photos.

Will you photograph my newborn at our home?

Posed newborn photography that I specialize in is only done at my Newington, CT studio. This allows us to set up scenes and materials ahead of time as well as control the temperature for your baby without you needing to worry about a thing! For those who would prefer staying at home, I can offer to do a lifestyle newborn session, which is unposed without props. We will incorporate your living areas and nursery to create a beautiful story - just in a different way than in the studio!

Will you include my other children?

We love photographing siblings! The end portion of our newborn photoshoots are designated for parents and siblings so they don't have to wait very long and can come at a later time if desired.

How much does a newborn photoshoot cost?

Our Session Fees are $200 for newborn photoshoots to book your appointment. This covers our pre-session consultation, the session itself, use of my props, outfits, and backgrounds, and your personal Design & Ordering appointment to go over your images together. All photos and products are purchased separately. See our Pricing page for more information.

Sleeping black newborn girl posing on a gold blanket with her hands under her cheeks during her CT newborn photography session.
Newborn photography by The Flash Lady Photography
Sleeping baby girl in a white star skirt and headband posing on a pink blanket during her photoshoot with The Flash Lady
Newborn photography by The Flash Lady Photography

Reviews from Newborn Photoshoot Clients!

Uzair M.
Uzair M.

On the day of the shoot, Kristin made sure to create a comfortable and safe environment for my newborn. She was patient and gentle, and the end result was a beautiful set of photos that captured this special time in our lives.

Emily & Sean
Emily & Sean

The whole process, from deciding what we wanted creatively, to the studio experience, to reviewing proofs, to the quality and delivery of the final products, was smooth and easy. We really appreciated all the precautions she took for everybody's health, and we suspect she might have supernatural abilities.

Nicole E.
Nicole E.

We had the best experience working with Kristin! She had a huge variety of props, wraps, and accessories. There were so many amazing photos it was hard to choose the ones we wanted to be printed but she was so helpful in the decision making process.

Photos That Will Remind You Of Their Precious Details