Finding out you are going to have a baby is one of the greatest joys you’ll ever have. There’s nothing quite like it, and the anticipation only grows as your body changes. Taking the time for a maternity photo session is a wonderful way to document this special time in your life. 

If you’re considering maternity portraits, I’d love to share seven reasons why studio maternity photography might be a better fit for you! But don’t worry, we’re happy to work with you on location or in your home for this beautiful photoshoot as well! Here are some things to consider when deciding what might be best for you!

Beautiful winter maternity photo session in the studio!

Sweet moment captured during a winter maternity session

7 Benefits of Studio Maternity Photos 


  1. No More Worrying About the Weather 

Living in Connecticut means dealing with unpredictable weather changes literally ANY season. While the day might start out sunny and warm, it can quickly change into things that can impact the session negatively, like wind, a cold front that makes for uncomfortable-looking poses, rain, and harsh shadows. Our summers can also be quite hot and humid, which might put Mom-to-be in an even more uncomfortable position. Opting for a studio session ensures that weather won’t be a factor in capturing that beautiful baby bump. You can focus on looking and feeling your best without any weather-related worries.

Waiting on that sweet baby to arrive!

Rain or snow, your maternity session will go on!

  1. Less Walking Around  

The convenience of a studio maternity shoot is undeniable. Every pregnancy is so different, and you might not be in the mood to walk around to different spots at an outdoor location. My studio in Newington, CT, which is just outside of Wethersfield, CT provides a controlled environment, allowing for a seamless and stress-free photoshoot experience. Instead of walking to different locations, the studio will be set up and ready for you. With different backdrops, lighting, and poses, the images will still have a great variety. 

Black and white studio maternity portrait

  1. Comfort and Privacy  

Pregnancy is a personal and intimate journey, and a studio setting provides the privacy you may desire vs. being photographed on location. I pride myself on my studio offering a comfortable space where you can express yourself freely, creating timeless and cherished maternity portraits that you’ll love and look back on time and time again. And, we’re never too far from a restroom! 

Stunning maternity portrait taken in the privacy of the studio!

Enjoy privacy and comfort during your maternity photo session!

  1. It’s Easier to Bring Your Older Children 

For families with older children, including them in the maternity photoshoot becomes much easier in a studio setting. There’s no need to worry about outdoor distractions or unpredictable conditions. With the smaller settling and fewer strangers around, it’s easier to allow them to warm up to the photoshoot before we start taking pictures, too. Everyone can participate comfortably, creating beautiful memories for the entire family.

Sweet older sibling hugging mom's belly during a studio maternity photo session.

We love including proud older siblings during a maternity photo session!

Your immediate family is welcome for your maternity photo session.

  1. Creative Backdrops for Every Style 

One of the advantages of a studio session is the ability to be creative with backdrops. Whether you’re envisioning a classic look or something more artistic, I have a variety of options to choose from. From painted fabric backdrops to paper backgrounds in a spectrum of colors, your vision can come to life in our studio. We can also use various lighting techniques to create anything from backlit portraits to edgy and sensual posing as well.

We can create a homey backdrop for your maternity portrait session.

Black and white maternity photo from a studio portrait session

  1. Gown Rental 

Save time and money on your maternity session outfit. Instead of spending money on an outfit you’ll likely wear once, you can look and feel beautiful and confident while letting me handle your attire. My full-length maternity sessions include a gown or body suit rental. On the day of your session, you get to arrive at the studio with your outfit clean and ready for you. Or, if you’d be more comfortable in something else, I can work with you to style your own outfit. I can also recommend hair and makeup at KissAndMakeUp in West Hartford, CT for your session to schedule right before coming to see me, located just down the street from my studio.

Stunning maternity gown rentals are included with our maternity sessions.

Creative maternity portrait backdrops for every style.

  1. Artistic Studio Maternity Photography 

The studio allows me to create the maternity photo session of your dreams. I leverage different lighting options and techniques to create a variety of looks. This allows you to express your style and personality while documenting this special time in your life. With options for casual and dressier outfits, I aim to capture the essence of your pregnancy journey in a way that feels authentic and natural to you.

An artistic maternity photo session in the studio!

Ready to Plan Your Maternity Photo Experience? 

Join our photography family today and let us capture the beauty of your maternity photo experience. After your session, you can trust us to also create timeless portrait artwork heirlooms that will be cherished for generations. Contact us now to schedule your personalized maternity session and embark on a journey of preserving these precious moments.

Nothing brings me more joy than documenting the most precious moments in your life. It’s an honor when my maternity clients return for their newborn photography sessions with me. We created our 1st Year Baby Plan for clients who want to professionally document each amazing milestone as they welcome their baby. Each 1st Year Baby Plan includes THREE sessions, and you can choose which milestones are the most important to you. Many clients opt for maternity, newborn, and 1st birthday. Finally, you can relax and know that your family’s milestones will be documented. Consider booking our 1st Year Baby Plan today! Learn more about pricing here.

The Flash Lady Photography is a full service studio located in Greater Hartford specializing in maternity, newborn, baby, child, and family photographs. We create special memories out of your lifecycle events including creative maternity and newborn sessions, personalized first birthday celebrations and cake smashes, and family and holiday portraits! We also support local small businesses and professionals with custom headshots for your professional needs. We are conveniently located in central Connecticut with easy access to major highways and plenty of on site parking. Please use our website contact form to contact us about planning your special photography session! We look forward to working with you!

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