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In most cases, I advise clients to contact me in their 2nd trimester to start planning for their newborn photoshoot. This gives us time to answer questions, plan for any special requests, and crosses another thing off your “to do” list before baby can arrive really any time! And, sometimes it’s nice for baby showers as a gift idea too! But with the arrival of COVID-19 in 2020, a lot of parents were left without the ability to plan for photoshoots with me. For others, I offered a special project to do composite images that parents photographed at home, and I edited into specific digital backgrounds to give them something to cherish from this time until they could come see me later for another milestone. So when photography studios and close contact sessions were given the green light to go ahead as of Phase 2, June 17th 2020, we were flooded with requests, especially for newborns, many of whom were already born and many weeks old! So when this cutie’s mom contacted me and still wanted to try for photos at 6-weeks old, I told her we would do our best! Sometimes with older newborns, it’s much harder to get them to sleep and stay asleep for longer periods than when they were at 2 weeks old. Some of the favorite poses like “Froggie” are no longer possible due to them losing more of their “womb memory” and flexibility. But still, there are many ways to get beautiful photos of your baby. And this little guy did fantastic! After rocking to sleep, I was so happy to get some poses in on the table before moving on to some props and finally wrapping up for photos with his big sister! Mom selected a beautiful wall art cluster for their home that she hopes to add to when we have photos done again in the fall with the entire family, so I am excited to hopefully see them again in a few months! His 6 week newborn photos makes him the oldest baby I have ever photographed successfully, and I am so happy to be able to provide memories of this special time for this family even beyond the “typical” newborn age. Contact us today about planning a special photoshoot for your newborn!

6 week newborn photos with The Flash Lady Photography 6 week newborn photos with The Flash Lady Photography 6 week newborn photos with The Flash Lady Photography

"The Flash Lady Photography is a full service Connecticut photography studio located very close to Hartford, CT specializing in newborn photography, baby photography, child photography, and family photography. We also are a portrait photographer and wedding photographer serving all of Southern New England. We are conveniently located in central Connecticut with easy access to major highways and plenty of on site parking. Please use our website contact form to contact us about planning your special photography session! We look forward to working with you!”

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