Handing a client their professionally printed artwork is truly one of the best parts of my job! I know I’ve just handed them an heirloom piece that their family will treasure forever. We’re in a digital age, but there is power in printing your photos after a professional photography session. 

I think back to a very dear client of mine. We’ve done several sessions together over the years, documenting her children and family. The first time we worked together, this client only wanted digital files. She was sure she would print what she wanted. However, by the time our second session together about a year later came around, she just hadn’t gotten to printing photos from the first session. It’s not her fault! She’s a busy mom working and taking care of everyone else around her. During our second session, she decided to have me handle the printing of her album. I loved taking this big task off her plate, and she was overjoyed by her album. After every session we’ve had together since, I’ve created heirloom artwork for her. 

Printing your photos and getting them off your computer and into your hands has some real benefits. I’d love to share six of them with you.

Family of three hanging out during their photo session

Capturing every sweet smile and giggle during their photoshoot

6 Benefits of Printing Your Photos and Turn Them Into Heirloom Artwork

  1. Technology Changes – Technology changes quickly. Will you or your children be able to access your images in the future? My wedding photos are on DVDs! There’s no easy way to access those now. But even in the more recent past, many clients had USB drives that are not always on computers and laptops these days. What if the USB becomes so old that I need to take it in to get the images off? Even Cloud-based storage is NOT guaranteed! Don’t leave your precious family memories sitting on a flash drive or a computer folder or your phone. Printing them is the only sure way to hold onto your images. 

Documenting her growth!

Slow down and capture these precious moments!

  1. Tangible Memories – Yes, you can probably open your phone and swipe through hundreds (if not thousands!) of images of your children. Printing your images and creating an album, for example, freezes this moment in time with your children. Holding the image in your hands engages the senses and brings you back to the moment. As a mom of a preteen, I know our children grow way too fast! Printed artwork is how we can hold onto these memories. 

Sharing a laugh during the photo session!


  1. Preserving Your Family’s Legacy – Photos are how we hold onto our family’s stories. Printing your family artwork creates a physical preservation of your family’s legacy. Your portraits will be passed down through the generations. Imagine who will be holding your artwork 50 or 100 years from now! When the news features unfortunate incidents of tragedy related to weather around the country, what are the family members usually holding? Frames, albums, PHOTOS! In those moments, they are the most important heirloom of their past.

The official family portrait!

Angled view of photo albums laid out for photography pricing options by The Flash Lady Photography

Printed heirloom albums

  1. Display What Matters to You – Decorate your home with what matters most to you while showing off your beautiful family! This can be done with a variety of artwork products such as a statement piece, wall gallery, print collection box, or beautiful display albums. Your walls will be full of what you love the most in this world! 

Beautiful studio newborn session

Black and white portrait from a studio newborn photoshoot

  1. Wall Art is Good for Children – Studies have shown that photography is actually good for children. Growing up with their images on the wall creates self-confidence and visually shows them their place in the world. What a happy place for kids to grow up! I know that looking at my family photos brings me a lot of joy, too! My daughter often looks through the albums I create each year of our memories and loves talking about the stories in them. They are easily accessible and bring out lots of laughs when her grandparents come to visit too!

Mom and dad proudly hold their newborn daughter

Newborn baby girl safely posted in a wicker chair

  1. Maximizing Your Professional Photography Investment – Hear me out on this one! You’re investing in a professional photography experience, so don’t miss out on the most important part! If you leave your digital files in a folder somewhere or only post them on social media, they’re not bringing you joy every day, and you’re not getting the fullest VALUE of your photoshoot! Maximize your investment by having some of your images printed along with those keepsake digital files.

Summer purple and white

Album and grandparent album position for photography pricing sample photos

Album and grandparent album

The Benefits of Professionally Printing Your Photos 

Don’t trust your printing your heirloom artwork to a big box store. There are some major benefits to professionally printing your photos and creating custom artwork just for you. 

Full-Service Design Process – This is not just a random product based on a big box store’s algorithm. We put care and thought into which artwork pieces you want to create and why. I love asking my clients how they want to use their images and bringing their vision to life. My print labs can create custom products to match your exact taste and style. 

Mom holding her newborn daughter

Quality that Lasts – Drugstore and big-box printers just don’t last, and they aren’t calibrated to a professional’s computer. In many cases, they’ll even ruin the many hours of editing work that I put into your gallery! My print labs carefully craft each piece of artwork, resulting in an heirloom that will last over many decades and generations. When your artwork arrives at the studio, I personally look through every item to make sure it’s perfect. If it’s not (very rarely), I send it back until it is! I want you to love your artwork. 

Sweet, snuggled newborn pose

Off Your To-Do List and Onto Mine – Remember the client I mentioned before? She’s a busy professional and mom. She already has a million things on her to-do list. I am so glad to take this important task off my client’s to-do lists and onto mine – and there are so many similar stories to her’s. You’ll feel relieved knowing your artwork will be in print and look beautiful for many years to come. 

This beautiful girl is the princess of the house

Glastonbury Professional Portrait Photographer

As your full-service portrait photographer in Glastonbury, we begin with the end in mind for a seamless experience from start to finish. You’re never pressured to purchase anything you don’t want but always have OPTIONS of what you can do with your images. I’ve never had a client regret printing their images, but I HAVE had clients regret not doing so!! I’d love to help you craft a custom full-service portrait session and create heirloom artwork for you. Don’t forget – Grandparents LOVE printed artwork too! We have some great gift ideas for them as well. If you’re ready to meet, I’d love the opportunity to chat with you! Please click here to get in touch with me. 


The Flash Lady Photography is a full service studio located in Greater Hartford specializing in maternity, newborn, baby, child, and family photographs. We create special memories out of your lifecycle events including creative maternity and newborn sessions, personalized first birthday celebrations and cake smashes, and family and holiday portraits! We also support local small businesses and professionals with custom headshots for your professional needs. We are conveniently located in central Connecticut with easy access to major highways and plenty of on site parking. Please use our website contact form to contact us about planning your special photography session! We look forward to working with you!

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