The Flash Lady Photography LOVES working with children of all ages!

Part of what makes our studio so unique is that we cater to each child’s individual photography event and try to make it something you won’t find just anywhere. Some of our most sought after session types are our custom birthday sessions – cake smash, paint smash, and our newest glitter confetti/balloon sessions – where we’ve had clients come from all over Connecticut and Massachusetts to experience them for their child! We love photographing ideas that celebrate YOUR child and what they love at any age – playing in the mud, eating an ice cream cone, building a snowman... The possibilities are endless! And be sure to come back around the holidays for our annual event, The Santa Experience!


What is a cake smash photo session?

A cake smash was originally designed to be done around the child’s first birthday (which is usually their first taste of cake!). I’ve found that when babies hit age 1, they like to have something to do. And why not smash a cake? I work with each client to create a custom themed set that reflects their child or possibly their upcoming birthday theme to match. Sessions include themed decorations, matching cake, and pre-cake portraits beforehand just in case they aren’t as into the cake part. For children with food allergies, we may be able to provide a specialty cake OR we can substitute a fruit smash or other food you know they love! Cake smashes are primarily done at my studio, but can also be done on location minus more of the set decor if desired.

What is a paint smash photo session?

When my daughter was about to turn 3, I was trying to come up with what I could do for her birthday photos since I knew she wouldn’t sit in one spot! She was really getting into art at the time and brainstorm - how about a paint smash session? I provide plenty of paint, brushes, sponges, a canvas keepsake they paint to take home, and let the kid go at it! It was honestly the best day of her life I think! Since then, I’ve had children as young as 2 participate, even getting parents involved, and they love it! It’s really a unique way to capture those candid moments, especially for the earlier ages that don’t want to pose. Paint smash photo sessions can be for any age 2+, studio or on location!

When do we see the images?

Your Design & Ordering appointment (where you view your photos and decide what you’d like to purchase) is scheduled after your session takes place, usually 1-2 weeks later depending on volume. This personalized ordering experience allows me to assist you in deciding on the best products for you – Display, Printing, Sharing, etc. After your order is submitted, product fulfillment time depends on the type of product ordered – for example, prints and cards arrive within 1-2 weeks, whereas wall art and albums may take a little bit longer to design and print.